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It is entirely possible to celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the promise of America’s potential without being all


about it.


An Actual Legit (great great etc grand) Daughter of the American Revolution, born Valerie Merriam long, long ago

On April 19, 1775 at Meriam’s Corner, where the ridge ended, the British flankers had to be drawn in to cross the narrow bridge, Colonial militia, reinforced by companies from towns to the north, gathered near the road, taking cover where they could. Here began a running skirmish, which continued to Boston. The British encountered heavy, unrelenting fire from hundreds of militiamen behind buildings, walls, and trees, but the range was too great for the muskets to do much damage, and the British passed these areas with relatively few injuries. But British soldiers fell steadily at every hill or curve where the Americans had position. After the column had passed one spot, the militiamen would cut across country and be ready for them farther up the road. 

Today, to the east of the Meriam Home is the beginning of the Battle Road Trail connecting many of the park’s historic sites, this pathway follows remnants of the historic road and also traverses farming fields, wetlands, and forests. The fields, farmed since the 17th century, made an unusual field of battle for the opening of the American Revolution. Much of that country road is now an urban highway, but the Battle Road still follows generally the same route, passing the sites of the bitterest fighting.  



I don’t want anyone to misconstrue this as criticism of anybody in particular, or as me saying that it’s terrible to say “Happy Fourth of July!”

I’m simply saying that it’s entirely possible to celebrate the Fourth without being an ass to the rest of the world or maintaining that America is a paragon of awesome. 


Is anybody hanging around for the next few hours who might want to test a DA2 -> DA:O conversion I’m working on for one of the apostate clothing models?

It will go up on the Nexus when it’s finished (I have permission from Ellise), but I’d like someone other than me to make sure it doesn’t look like ass.

The normal maps are just being a giant pain in the ass so this is taking longer than I anticipated. I’ll send asks to those of you who offered to help when I’ve finally got it figured out.

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